Joining meetings with registration in SDK 5.9+

Is it always required to go though the OAuth process before joining a meeting? Even when using a previously generated ZAK (the tk parameter of the URL in the attendee URL)?

Which Desktop Meeting SDK version?

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Hi @precisao, thanks for using the dev forum.

OAuth will only be required if you need to access the REST API. As long as the ZAK you are using is valid, it can be used to join a meeting.


Hi Jon, thank you.
We are still unable to join a meeting by just having a meeting join_url.
How can I obtain a ZAK for a non-user meeting registrant?

Hi @precisao,

You can only get the ZAK for a user with a Zoom account.


Hi, Jon.
Thanks for your answer.

So, am I right to conclude we wouldn’t be able to use the SDK for building an app that will be used to join registration-required meetings?

Hi @precisao,

You can still join meetings that require registration through the SDK, as a ZAK is not required. The SDK will show a dialog to the end user to confirm that they have registered. You would only need a ZAK if the meeting requires authentication.


Thank you, Jon
In that case, how should I deal with the meeting URL to be able to directly join as the given user?

Hi @precisao,

If you have a join URL, you can pass that directly into the SDK as-is. For example on Windows, you can use the HandleZoomWebUriProtocolAction function for this.


Great! Thank you.
In order to suppress the enable-camera window, I also did the following:

ZOOMSDK::ISettingService* settings;
ZOOMSDK::IVideoSettingContext* videoSettings = settings->GetVideoSettings();

Hi @precisao,

No problem!

In order to suppress the enable-camera window, I also did the following:

Apologies, but I’m not seeing any mention of trying to do this earlier in this topic. Are you running into any issues with this code snippet?


Everything is fine.

I haven’t mentioned I would like to suppress that window because I didn’t know it would appear :wink:

When joining through Start or Join we are able to set isVideoOff in any of the 4 structs user for it. When using HandleZoomWebUriProtocolAction we are required to set the VideoSettings prior than calling it.

Is there any knowledge base other than this forum where we could find how to use de SDK? I haven’t found. So, I shared here my experiences on using the SDK to join a registration-required meeting using an URL.


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Hi @precisao,

I see, well in that case thank you for sharing your findings!

We know that our Meeting SDK is lacking in many areas and are working on expanding it. Right now the best resource for how to implement various SDK features is going to be the SDK sample app. Even that does not cover 100% of the potential SDK use cases though, so we’re here to help fill in the gaps as needed. :slightly_smiling_face:


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