Deauthorization Endpoint URL Not Sending Data

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I’m having an issue (just like seemingly a plethora of other people) with Deauthorization. Basically nothing is being send to us from Zoom to confirm deauthorization.

I’ve followed the details from this and other posts but we still receive no response from Zoom.

I have followed, complied, and tested with every suggestion presented here and I still receive no response from zoom. I’ve tried multiple times and multiple ways including using the local test section of the app. No aspect ever sends a response to us to deauthorize.

No error response… literally no response at all from the deauthorization event performed on zoom to our deauthorization URL>

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Not comfortable with posting URLs

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Make sure deauthorization url is active.
  2. Uninstall APP in Zoom to send deauthorization event.
  3. No repsonse sends to deauthorization url from Zoom.

I have also confirmed that the app is showing as installed as a “production” app and from the production endpoint as well. I’ve also attempted to do it as a development scope app but I still receive no deauthorization response from Zoom at all to remove the key information.

@MaxM it seems somewhat related to your responses here Deauthorization webhook is not coming - #2 by MaxM but I cannot seem to get a resolution.

Hey @david13,

As you mentioned, the deauthorization event (webhook) will only be triggered if the Zoom app is uninstalled on production (from the Submit tab of your app). This will not be triggered by an uninstall on development, nor by revoking an access token.
Can you make sure you’re following these steps to test out the Deauthorization Flow/Event:

  1. Create an app, provide an endpoint URL where we would send you the deauthorization event
  2. Install the app in your account using the Publishable URL (Submit tab of your app)
  3. Uninstall the production instance of your app from your account

If you still have trouble with this, can you send us an email at with the following info so we can take a closer look?

  • Email address of app owner / App name
  • The endpoint/URL you’re using for the deauth event


Hello @will.zoom and thank you for the response. I have been in touch with other members of the Zoom team and did manage to get the Deauthorization workin in spite of the API documentation not being specific or clear enough to properly get me the answer I needed. However, I am now running into a different issue that required the Zoom team to open up a JIRA ticket. I will update this ticket with what I found and my resolution to deauthorization after I get through this mess of app approval that has gone on for over two weeks as a result. I was not given the JIRA ID to pass onto you or else I would share it.

Hey @david13,

Was this Jira created in a ticket or another forum post? If so, please send the ticket number or a link to the forum post and I’ll take a look.


I am also seeing this exact same issue.

I have a duplicate app made for our test server that is UNPUBLISHED and the deauth ALWAYS WORKS (sends a message to my server, and my server responds appropriately) however the real, published production version of the app, doesn’t seem to work at all. I have thoroughly tested this with logging/tracing, and I am convinced Zoom is simply not sending messages to my server for the production app, even though the Deauth URL is correct.

I was told by email “Please regenerate your Publishable URL and reauthorize to see the updated Deauth URL in use.” however this does not seem to be fixing the problem anymore.

I really want Zoom to sort out the interface and fix the Deauth url to make it very clear and testable for developers.

Hey @worthy.vii,

I’m sorry to hear there seem to be issues using the Deauthorization Event with your app. We could certainly clarify and better document the process of Deauthorizing apps - thank you for bringing that up. I’ll work with our team to improve that.

In the meantime, I want to make sure that your app is working as expected.

If you haven’t already, please send an email to with a link to this thread. In that email, please include the email/ID of a user that you tested with where you saw the production app was uninstalled but they didn’t receive a webhook.

I’ll investigate the issue further there.


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