How to make responsive screen share and participants lists in mobile screen

Hi Everyone,

I am using Zoom Web SDK - Version 1.9.1 in my project. In mobile screen some features are not responsive like Screen share and participants lists. I need both at same time screen share and participants lists in mobile screen.
How can I customise web sdk?

Please help me in this regards.

Thank you

Hey @karobia,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Depending on the platform that you are using the Web SDK on, it may be expected that Screen Sharing is not supported. Please see the mobile section of our Browser Support documentation. Specifically, the section pertaining to iOS:

In regard to the participants list, are you seeing this when hosting the meeting or joining as a participant? Does this happen with meetings, webinars or both?


Hi MaxM

Thanks for your reply.

I am using web sdk for webinar. In new version 1.9.1 screen share is supported in mobile screen also but it needs to adjust.

Please see below attached file. this is the view in mobile screen in landscape mode.

What i need 80% view will be of screen share window and 20% view will be of Panelist view. How can i do it?

Thank You

if you wanna get fullscreen for your share, you can minimize your video from camera (right side). I do that

You are right ian123 but i need both at same time (screen share window + panelist window)

If it is possible. 80% screen will be for screen share window and 20% for panelist window in mobile view only. In PC view its already good. But i need only in mobile screen view.

Hey @karobia,

Thank you for the input @ian123! I can confirm that’s correct. We don’t have another method to show more of the screen unfortunately. If you would like this to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.


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