How to make session stop automatically?



So I have this code to create a session. And expecting that zoom stops the conference with the duration I have set.


$createAMeetingArray = array();
 $createAMeetingArray['host\_id'] = $this-\>host\_id;
 $createAMeetingArray['topic'] = 'test';
 $createAMeetingArray['type'] = 2;
 $createAMeetingArray['option\_jbh'] = 'true';

$createAMeetingArray['duration'] = $\_POST['duration'];
 return $this-\>sendRequest('meeting/create', $createAMeetingArray);


And this is the return: (uuid, id, and host_id are hidden)

Array ( [uuid] =\> xxxx [id] =\> xxxx [host\_id] =\> xxxx [topic] =\> test [password] =\> [h323\_password] =\> [status] =\> 0 [option\_jbh] =\> 1 [option\_start\_type] =\> video [option\_host\_video] =\> 1 [option\_participants\_video] =\> 1 [option\_cn\_meeting] =\> [option\_enforce\_login] =\> [option\_enforce\_login\_domains] =\> [option\_in\_meeting] =\> [option\_audio] =\> both [option\_alternative\_hosts] =\> [option\_use\_pmi] =\> [type] =\> 2 [start\_time] =\> 2017-08-30T07:20:23Z [duration] =\> 10 [timezone] =\> Etc/Greenwich [start\_url] =\> xxxx [join\_url] =\> xxxx [created\_at] =\> 2017-08-30T07:20:23Z )


But when I launched the session and passed 10 minutes, it was still going.


I don’t have an answer for you, Shobri, but I have made this request to support as well.

Meetings with definitive end times are important for many business models that could leverage Zoom.


The duration parameter is used to determine an “end time”, for calendar purposes, to give participants an idea of how long the meeting will be, it’s not a hard stop. Like most meeting invites, at least ones I get, ones that are sent for 30 mins, almost always go over.


You can end a meeting via the API


Hi Joshua,

I think places like schools would appreciate meetings that ended on a schedule. I know for our purposes, limiting a meeting’s duration would help immensely with teacher and student tardiness and overstaying.

Perhaps it could be a setting to enable or disable?


it will be simpler if I can have my meeting ended based on the duration set,  just like the auto end meeting if i’m using a zoom trial account. since the app we’re trying to make is likely to have multiple host id running simultaneous meeting session, and we want to avoid running a background process just to monitor running meeting and then try to end it.


Hi Carl & Shobri,


Thanks for the feedback and we will review this feature request.

Shobri, the free trail is the only hard stop and that is based on account type, not any setting on the user or account.


Has this been implemented? I need to make a meeting of 20 minutes and then timeout the meeting.


The only way to this is through your code using

No way to set it ahead of time