How to control the number of attendees

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I want to control the number of attendees.
For exam, I want to set or keep 30 attendees in a meeting.
I can’t find the parameter of “create a meeting”

I found similar question and answer(How to make upper limit at zoom meeting?)
but I am afraid it’s not an appropriate answer.
It’s talking about webhook notification. “participant-joined-meeting” event is just an notification event, Not for control.


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Hi @jameskang333,

Good question—while we don’t explicitly have a method for this via API, you can restrict your meeting capacity to under your maximum participant count by locking your meetings at the desired capacity. Once all participants have joined your meeting, lock the meeting and no other participants will be able to join. You can read more about managing participants here.


Hi @jameskang333,

I see Will has suggested you us “Lock Meeting” feature which I think is a good option.

However, if you prefer to do this via API, I do find a workaround for you. You can use Zoom Webhook to count how many participants have joined, and use ‘ Update a meeting’ API call to change the meeting passcode once the meeting has reached your predefined capacity. I have tested it in my lab and confirmed you can change the meeting passcode when a meeting is live. And once the passcode is changed, old passcode is no longer valid so user cannot join the meeting using old passcode after you made the change.



Jason Du

Thank you so much!!!

Glad Jason was able to help! :slight_smile:

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