How to make Zoom identify my project and send code automaticly?

Hi guys~I’m doing my graduation project, a hardware unit work with ZOOM.
It will use Zoom to send the CEC command to turn on/off TV.
But now I come across a trouble. I know Zoom can control TV with its corresponding button switch and know what code Zoom will send after I press the button.
But problem is, how can Zoom identify my unit and send code automaticly?
Is there any identification code to do on the hardware driver?
Can anyone help me? Thanks

Hey @Vanessa,

Are you using our APIs to do this?


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Would you like to give me some advice?



Hi @Vanessa, for hardware controls for Zoom Rooms, we recommend the Zoom Room Control Systems API

Hi michael.harrington,
I am using the API which you mentioned, but the problem hasn’t been sovled, that’s how Zoom identifies my unit and sends code automaticly.

Hey @Vanessa,

I don’t think we understand what you are trying to do. Can you explain it further?