How to map a breakout room ID to a breakout room UUID

Zoom Apps Configuration
Using the base node.js / express Zoom app configuration.

The problem I’m trying to solve is determining the breakout room name for a breakout room given the breakout rooms UUID. I have the breakout room UUID from participant join and leave events stored in my database.

Since there’s no server-to-server API call that returns breakout room names, I’ve created a Zoom app in order to be able to call the getBreakoutRoomList SDK method which returns the name key and a breakoutRoomId identifier which appears to always be a V4 UUID.

The issue is that breakoutRoomId doesn’t match the breakout_room_uuid that’s sent via the previously mentioned webhooks. Nor does it match the breakoutRoomUUID sent by other Zoom app events (like the onBreakoutRoomChange event).

How can I either A) map a breakout room ID to a breakout room UUID OR B) get a breakout room name from the breakout room UUID?

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Does using the getMeetingUUID function from the breakout room itself provide the relevant UUID?

Hey Max, thanks for the response.

Unfortunately - the requirement to be in the breakout room for this method prevents it from being helpful for our use case. For a bit more clarity, this app would just be ran by the meeting host who is in 0 or at most 1 breakout rooms - with the goal of the application being to get the breakout room names for all (20+) breakout rooms.

Even if we were to ask the host to join every BO room, it’s seems like getMeetingUUID only returns 1 of the 2 IDs.

Can you confirm that each breakout room does have 2 different unique identifiers associated with it? I want to make sure my understanding is correct and that I’m not overlooking something about these IDs.