Need breakoutRoomId instead of breakoutRoomUUID from onBreakoutRoomChange

Currently, we are fetching all breakoutRoomIds using getBreakoutRoomList() API which returns all the breakoutRoomIds of the meeting. We have mapped all breakoutRoomIds with all meeting participants in the app we are building. We need to handle a case where the user can change the breakout room from Zoom UX (in meeting screen more → Breakout rooms → change breakout room). But the problem here is, that when we fetch the breakout room that was changed in our app using the onBreakoutRoomChange event, it gives breakoutRoomUUID and not the breakoutRoomId. We would like to know if it is possible to get breakoutRoomId when the user joins or leaves a breakout room.

@jayesh Zoom doesn’t provide the breakoutRoomID on the change room event. But you can update your mapping by calling ‘getBreakoutRoomList’. This will return the roomID for you as well.