Zoom API Events And Zoom SDK Apps different breakout room ids

Zoom application configuration
using the basic node application configuration.js Zoom.

I use the Zoom SDK to create rooms, after creating I use the method getBreakoutRoomList to get a list of rooms and write information about the rooms to the database, including ``breakoutRoomId"'.

After that, on the server, I listen to the webhooks (meeting.participant_joined_breakout_room and meeting.participant_left_breakout_room) that the zoom application sends me.
In these hooks, I use breakout_room_uuid to search for this room in my database and compare them with the breakoutRoomId that the Zoom SDK sent me, but these ids are different, breakoutRoomId comes in uuid v4 format, and breakout_room_uuid as an encoded string.

The question is, why are these IDs different and where do I get the same IDs?

N/A — there are no errors

Troubleshooting routes

How to reproduce
N/A — API/SDK issue — not a bug

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My understanding is that these IDs are not meant to be used interchangeably. However, I can see how being able to map between the two is useful. I’ve reached out to our engineering team to see if this is something we can work to support going forward.