How to navigate to page X using next_page_token

Hi there,

I’m trying to use the GET /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants endpoint to list participants of a certain meeting. The API docs say that page_count and page_number will be deprecated soon and we should use the next_page_token. Based on the docs, I see a lot of disadvantages to it: what if I stay on a page for 20 min and the next_page_token expires after 15 min ? What would happen ? Would it throw me an error when I want to navigate to next page having stayed on a page for 20 min ?

Also the reason I’m here: how can I navigate to page X (e.g. 3 out of 5) without page_number ? What does next_page_token do exactly ? only take you to the next page ?! How can I navigate to any page I choose ?

Hi @techcityventures,

Thanks for raising this—at the moment, it’s not possible to use the next_page_token to navigate to a specific page of results in the API response. You can continue to use the page_number parameter for now, but I can certainly appreciate why this functionality would be helpful for the next_page_token parameter as well.

I’ve gone ahead and raised this with my team as a feature request (ZOOM-206121) and I’ll be happy to advocate for this functionality.


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