How to proceed with ZoomApp Validate the domain

Our service is under a different domain in the manual and terms and conditions, so the “Validate the domain” will give an error that they are not the same domain.

I could not contact support because the support form was not available on my plan.

Can you tell us how to proceed?

Hi @riza-en-biz-info
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Dev Forum and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!
I can help you out with the manual validation. I will send you a private message with next steps


Can you help me as well please ?

We are going to publish an app named FloStack in the Zoom marketplace. As part of the process, we need to verify our domain.

We tried uploading the html to an S3 bucket. Here is the link - But, we were unable to validate the domain because the domain needs to be exactly same in all section. But, we have different subdomains for each of the links (Privacy url, Terms & Conditions url, API callback url, etc.) and I am curious if there is another way to do that? Like DNS verification?

Hey @devops4 and @vikram I will send you a private message to help you with this

Thanks Elisa for reaching out ! Appreciate your help !

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Could you also help me with this?

Hi @lennartwachter
Sorry for the late reply! I did not get a notification about this… Do you still my help for Domain Validation?

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

I can also use help along this same vein. Please reach out when you can.

Sure thing @aaron.satterlee2
Let me send you private message to follow up