Validate domain

We are going to publish an app named FloStack in the Zoom marketplace. As part of the process, we need to verify our domain.

We tried uploading the html to an S3 bucket. Here is the link - But, we were unable to validate the domain because the domain needs to be same. We have different subdomains for each of the links (Privacy, API redirect, etc.) and I am curious if there is another way to do that? Like DNS verification?

Welcome, @vikram,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. For domain validation, you can contact Zoom Support. They will be able to work with you on alternative options you can consider. Here is domain validation support for reference along with a link to support:

Domain Validation

Using multiple environments: Support multiple subdomain environments for your users

Zoom Support:

The domain “shopcbstudio” cannot be fully validated with only 50 words since it’s unclear what specific criteria need to be validated. However, I can provide a basic analysis:

“shopcbstudio” appears to be a domain name related to a shopping or e-commerce website, possibly selling products or services offered by “CB Studio.” To validate it, one would need to check if it is a registered and functioning domain, its ownership and legitimacy, and if it complies with any legal or ethical requirements. Further investigation is necessary for a comprehensive validation.