How to programmatically set up a microphone


I’m developing a windows application that uses your SDK for meetings.
I have a task to allow the user to perform camera and microphone settings outside of your SDK.
I found that I can choose the camera with this method:
virtual SDKError SelectCamera (const wchar_t * deviceId)

but here’s how to choose a microphone, I can not find.
Tell me please, how can this be done in my code?


Hi Nurlan,

This feature currently is not available on Windows SDK, we will consider add this to our roadmap and keep you posted!




Thank you for answer

I have another question: does your Windows SDK can run on Windows XP SP3 (x86)?

for some reason I get an error: “sdk_demo.exe is not a Win32 application”

if it should run, can you help me startup it (maybe there should be some custom build parameters or some what)?

PS: I have installed vcredist_x86.exe


which version of the Visual Studio did you used to build the sdk demo? you also need to install the corresponding vcredist_x86.exe.


Thank you,

I was able to build a project using

Linker-> Input: DuiLib.lib
Target platform: Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp)

I also had to install the corresponding vcredist_x86.exe (v120)


and now it is working