How to reliably retrieve attendee list on meeting completion?

Our use case requires us to maintain an accurate record of meeting attendees for past meetings.
It is unclear what is the most reliable way to maintain such list as the most intuitive way to do so is inaccurate.

Should I be using different endpoints to accomplish my goal?

Using /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants did not seem to help (it returns 404 without specifying type even when the meeting is live. I didn’t try this endpoint with type=‘past’ in place of the endpoints we currently use.

The attendee list is not populated when receiving meeting.ended webhook.
It is populated some time (usually within 5-10s) after receiving the webhook.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?




How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup zoom webhooks for meeting.ended event
  2. When receiving meeting_ended webhook - request the attendee list using the endpoints listed above
  3. See that in many cases - the attendee list is either empty or outdated

Hi @ytaben1 ,

Happy to help. Could you please explain what you mean by it returns 404 without specifying type? Are you saying it 's returning a 404 error?

Can you also help me understand why you did not try the endpoint with type=‘past’?

Thank you.

By that I mean that calling /metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants endpoint without the ‘type’ query param results in a 404.

The reason I did not try it with type=‘past’ is because at the time of development - I saw the necessary API endpoints in the ‘meetings’ section of the API. Conceptually - those endpoints make sense and should return the participant list.

Is the ‘metrics’ endpoint different in any way?
Specifically, is it going to return the correct participant list upon receiving the ‘meeting.ended’ event?

Hey @ytaben1,

Good question! The Dashboard APIs (/metrics) are the only APIs we have that will provide live information about an ongoing meeting. Given such, you may see that the results are more up-to-date here.

Please test using the type parameter and let us know if you see the expected response.


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