Not able to get participants list after ending the meeting

Hi team,

I am not able to get the participants lists after ending the meeting. If there is only one participant at a time.

API: report/meetings/{meetingId}/participants

However if there are two unique participants then the API returns the result.
Is there any way through API to get the list of participants even if there is only one participant.

Hey @shashi,

If there is only one person in the meeting (which is the host) there are no participants so there their is no participant list.

What is your use case to get the host/the only person in a meeting?


So I am creating the meeting from API and making join before host to true. Now if one participant joins the meeting. I am not able to get the participants detail. It only returns if there are two participants.

The host will not join the meeting. Only the participants will join the meeting and if only one of them joins I want to fetch that participant detail.

Hey @shashi,

Thanks for providing your use case.

A possible solution could be to use our Webhooks to see who Joins the meeting.

Otherwise, I would not recommend a scenario in which the host of the meeting never joins.

Let me know if the webhooks solution work for your scenario.