How to Report Abuse of API

We’ve seen illegal use of Zoom SDK to build apps that are prohibited by its terms of use.

We’d like to report it directly to Zoom’s Legal Team. Is there an email address or online form that we can use pertaining to this matter?


Hi @JasonThomas

Thank you so much for reaching out to Developer Support and for bringing this up to us.
Here you can report any abusive behavior

Let me know if you need anything else from me

Hi Elisa,

The case that I would like to report is a violation to the Zoom Windows SDK terms, not a behavioral abuse. The suspected offender took the Windows SDK and created a Windows Client Zoom app just as is and released it on the App Store. I believe this is a violation to the Zoom SDK terms.

Please let me know if I still should use that form or something else.

Best regards


Hi @JasonThomas

I appreciate your concern and the best way to report these issues will be in that form I previously sent, here it is again for you:

Thank you so much for keeping an eye on this
Best regards,

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