Webinar Usage Data through API

I’m looking for a solution to exactly what is requested in this thread regarding Past Webinars: Advice on best way to get Webinar Details via the API

In summary, we would like to provide usage reports for our Zoom users with Webinar licenses to understand if they are actually using the license they own. We have the meeting usage information but some licensed users only setup Webinars and not Meetings so they show up with no usage in our current reporting.

It looks like the post is closed, but I’m wondering if there was a feature request created that I could be added to or if this is now available.

Hey @christine.grant,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, there isn’t a single API endpoint that will accomplish this. You can look into our #feature-requests category to see if a feature request exists for this and if not, you can always post your own topic there.

With that being said, what is outlined in that post should to determine what users are utilizing their Webinar license.

  1. Call the Get User Settings API to see what users have the webinar property set to true


  1. Once you’ve identified the users that have a webinar license, you can call the List Webinars API to get a list of scheduled webinars for that user

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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