Any way to restrict access to meetings

I am trying to integrate Zoom into our Learning Management System. The scenario is: an instructor can create a new online lecture (Zoom Meeting), then trainees will get notified of the new lecture and join the meeting via their phones or PCs.

Now, we are wondering how to limit access to this meeting, to OUR list of trainees, thus preventing anyone from sharing the meeting link with others. On our end, each trainee has an email and an ID, is there anyway to filter out any new participants who are not on our list?

We tried the “enforce_login” setting passed while creating the meeting, to force the participant to use his/her email address when joining the meeting, then using the “meeting.participant_joined” hook we can monitor who joins (by his/her email) the meeting. But this setting doesn’t enforce logins, one can simply open the meeting from his phone and join with no login required!

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
POST users/{user-id}/meetings (new meeting)

Hey @tamkeenlms,

I would suggest using Meeting Registration. This will allow you to add people to a white list, which gives them each a unique join link.


Hi @tommy

Okay, I will give it a try. But as for the first link, I cannot find the “registration” option when creating a new meeting. But also the meetings will be created via the API, how to setup this using the API?

One more thing; just to clarify, creating a “registrant” will create a new Zoom user? Will that “registrant” need to create and verify his/her account? Couldn’t that user just give his “join_url” still to anyone (if so, then doesn’t solve my problem)?

Hey @tamkeenlms,

Here is the Create Meeting Registrant API.

No, this does not create a new Zoom user. It gives an existing Zoom user, or non Zoom user the ability to join your meeting through a unique join link.

Yes, this could be shared, however if this is integrated in your platform, the user will never see the join_url because it will be handled by code.