Any way to retrieve meeting chat logs?

Is it possible to retrieve the chat messages that occured in a scheduled meeting that was created via the API. If so, then what API or steps do I need to take?

Thank you!

Hey @edwinthinks,

Currently we do not have an API endpoint to retrieve in meeting chat.

Here is how to save / get in meeting chat via the Zoom Web Portal:


Hey Tommy

Thanks for the timely response :). I was wondering if it is possible (I could not tell in the documentation) to prevent users from saving the chat logs on their own but still automatically record the chat messages in the cloud?

P.S - I realize this is a different question so I can ask in another thread or through another channel if thats better

Edwin M. Mak

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Hey @edwinthinks, happy to help :slight_smile:

This is possible, just not with our API.

In your Zoom Profile and Account settings you can prevent participants from saving the in meeting chat.


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