How to retrieve dial-in numbers of a meeting?



Is it possible to retrieve dial in numbers of a meeting? Apparently only full invitation text can be retrieved using the API: This seems to be the meeting invitation e-mail text which doesn’t seem straightforward to parse for dial-in phone numbers. The parsing might be complicated in case of a localized meeting invitation.

If it is not possible via the REST API, is it planned to be added soon? The Zoom desktop client is able to show the dial-in numbers separately as shown below:

Is it then using a different API??

Thanks in advance and regards



Hi @navinmishra,

Right now the full text invitation is only available, however, we are working on enhancing our API to respond with each part within its own JSON object.



Thank you very much…that will really help. Do you have any ETA on when such an enhanced API will be available? Also is the current meeting invitation text localized for different languages?

Thanks again and regards