Retrieving dial in information


We have a question, are we able to get from an existing meeting the dial in number? (We’re using the web API)

Currently we’re using the getAttendeeList to get the participant id for our user. Once we get the list we filter it out by looking for our current user’s email address. This is how we are able to get the participant id.

Right now with the list of available functions we don’t seem to be able to find something that can fetch or identify the dial in number and access code.

I know the number can change, so we can’t have a static value for our users unless we were to update this value every time we had a meeting.

Please let me know if there are any questions or if anything required clarification.

Thanks for reading this post


Currently, our Web-SDK does not have the functionality to retrieve the dial in number for meetings. You will have to find the dial in number through the Zoom web portal.