How to retrieve the raw stream or recording

I didn’t found an api which exposes the raw stream… or a way to record the stream without using browser api canvas.caputureStream mentioned here.

Does this mean the only way it through client side and using the web browser api? Is there any play to support it through the api with different stream/channels?

Which Web Video SDK version?

Hey @tcabot , thanks for posting and using Zoom! :slight_smile:

Any recording will need to be implemented on your end.

Here is how you can manage video / audio streams.


hey @tommy , thanks for answering me!
What do you mean by my end? Do you mean that I need to record them in the client side of each participant in the session?
And how do I retrieve the raw stream for that methods that you posted there?


Hey @tcabot ,

That is correct. The Video SDK just offers video and audio streaming, and does not have a recording feature. This is something we can consider adding in the future, but for now, you will need to implement recording on your end. Example:

You can grab the stream with the stream.startVideo(); function, example:

Is that what you are looking for? Perhaps you can share your use case so I can offer a better solution. :slight_smile:


hey, thanks @tommy. I was looking for the rawr media stream, I see the captureVideo() and renderVideo() are kinda “magic” to me… they just render the stream into a canvas but what I want is the buffer/rawr stream of each participant to recorded, at least, in the client side…

Gotcha @tcabot. We currently do not offer the buffer/rawr stream of each participant.

What is your use case for needing this so that we can consider adding this feature?


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