How to retrieve via API the "active host report by meeting"?

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I’ve already checked the thread “How to get Active Hosts - Report Type “Meeting List with Details”” (the forum does not allow me to paste links) but it as not quite my need.
I want to get via API the “active host report by meeting”. In fact, this report via web contains the “source” field that tells me how the meeting was scheduled (Web, Zoom LTI PRO, …).

Actually, there is already the API /report/users/:Id/meetings, but it is binded to a specific user, and it is not feasible to cycle all over them periodically to check the “source” field.

Same said for the Metrics API metrics/meetings, that does not expose the “source” field.

Hi @busload787
Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you are trying to get meetings reports, right?
The endpoint you are currently using Get meeting reports is the ideal and the only one to get the source field back

Thanks Elisa, but that API requires to know in advance who created the meetings(s). I want to retrieve something similar to the report CSV available via web called “active host report by meeting”.

Do you have any suggestions on how to do that? Calling the API /report/users/:Id/meetings for each of our thousands of users is not feasible just to retrieve the last active hosts in a short timeframe (i.e. one day or one week).

Hi @busload787
Have you thought about using the List meeting endpoint ? This one will return all meetings associated with the account without having to query with each user. But it does not include the source field