How to get Active Hosts - Report Type "Meeting List with Details"?

I am trying to get zoom Meeting Details report using API. The report should be same as "Active Hosts - Report Type “Meeting List with Details”- which I can get from UI.The sample report is here:

But instead of getting the report from UI manually, I want to get the report using ZOOM API with python script which should run as a job periodically.
My query is:
1)how can I get the same report using zoom API?
2) Should I call multiple API? if yes, which are the APIs should I call to get the report?

Any kinds of help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @mrahm11,

Have you had a chance to check out our GET Active/Inactive Host Reports endpoint?

I believe this should have the information you’re looking for.


Hi @will.zoom ,

Thanks for your response. I have explored a little after this post. I have tried this API endpoint. What I ended up is below:

Please check this document:

Here I specified all the fields those I need to extract to get the target report which is named as UI report in the spreed sheet. I tried to call 3 APIs:

  1. Get List meeting:
  2. Get Active/Inactive host reports: "
  3. Get Meeting Participants:{meetingId}/participants

To my understanding I thought to get all the field of UI report I need to call these 3 APIs. The first 2 API calls are working well. But when I am in the 3rd call which is “Meeting participants” where I need to provide “meetingid” as a path key. Here in my educational institute (University) we have thousands of meetingid(as every classes are online) , for example for 20 days I found there are 28,800 numbers of unique meeting ids. It might be more than 30,000 if I try with larger date range(for 7 days or 30 days). In this case the Meeting participants call will take each meetingid and execute the API call which will exceed the date limit of 30,000, right? Would you please share any way to resolve this issue? or if I am doing it in wrong way.
Is there any other better straightforward API out there which can give me almost the same report as the Target UI report? Please help.

Hi @mrahm11,

Thanks for sharing this and for clarifying what you’re trying to accomplish. In referencing your doc, I can confirm you’re targeting the correct APIs to retrieve this information. It’s not currently all available via 1 API, as you noted.

In regards to the Meeting Participants, the Meeting ID is a required field for retrieving this information. You’re correct that the rate limit for the GET Meeting Participant Report falls under our heavy category, which has a daily limit of 30,000 requests.

One alternative you might explore if you’re worried about hitting these rate limits, is our Participant Webhooks—these return much of the same information, and do not count towards your rate limits:
Participant Joined
Participant Left

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @will.zoom ,

Thank you so much for your direction. yes, Webhook works best in my use case. Though again there is another issue arose after webhook. Now if I want to have historical Data for the last 6 months(which is the max. limit of zoom) again webhook is not the solution. In that case for backfill data I need to call API, correct?
If there is any other way to get the past historic meeting information which will work like webhook or will not have any effect on API call limit or any other better solution, please share. Thanks a lot once again for your timely response. I do appreciate you.

Thank you.

Hi @mrahm11,

Happy to help. :slight_smile:

Regarding the webhooks, that’s correct—these will not support past meeting data. You would need to query this separately through the API. You can also export participant info from the Reports section of the UI, if you have a Pro or higher plan.


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