How to schedule meeting for specific timestamp and save meeting Id and password to join later

Hi There!
I’m developing app to schedule meeting and join these meeting for later
but when i try to create meeting using android SDK, every time it creating instant meeting but i dont want to create instant meeting. i want to schedule meeting, get meetingId and password and save into our backend then we join meetings as per the schedule.

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
we are using android sdk version 5.0.24433.0616

Hi @jovy, thanks for the post.

Unfortunately the Meeting SDK no longer supports scheduling and managing scheduled meetings. For this aspect of your implementation, you would need to utilize our REST API. The Meeting SDK will only be used after you have obtained the meeting ID and passcode.

If you have any questions related to using the REST API, please post over in #api-and-webhooks. :slightly_smiling_face:


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