Meeting id and Password as PMI on create Meeting

I want to make a app which create meeting and other app join meeting but the issue is when i create meeting then it will create every time new meeting id and password for join, so i want to set my meeting id and password remain same as like PMI and if i want to share that meeting id and password with programatically so kindly guide me. i am using flutter

Hi @adnan.haider3783, thanks for the post.

It sounds like you are looking to schedule a recurring meeting. That should absolutely be possible, but it wouldn’t be done through the Meeting SDK. The SDK no longer supports managing meetings, so it would need to be done through the REST API. For help with the REST API, you can use the #api-and-webhooks category.

Let me know if you are running into any issues with joining the meeting through the SDK after it has been schedule and I will be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s difficult to tell exactly what you’re trying to do. It sounds like you just want to start up your personal meeting room with a consistent ID. If so, you can try this.

In SDK terms, this is called an instant meeting and you start it like this:

InstantMeetingOptions options = new InstantMeetingOptions();
ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService().startInstantMeeting(context, options);

However, for the same meeting id and password to be used every time, you need to configure this ahead of time in the desktop client. On the home tab, under the New Meeting button there is a down arrow, click this and make sure “Use My Personal Meeting ID (PMI)” is checked. This setting will be saved with your account so that when you start an instant meeting with the SDK, the same setting is used.

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