How to share images in Zoom meetings showing only the image?

Is there a way to share an image so that other users only see the image? I mean, yes I know you can open this image with the “Windows Photos” app and share this window. But this is not very professional because people would see many buttons and other things that you don’t want to show like the title bar, edit button, arrows, etc …

Is it possible to share an image in the same way that Zoom allows you to share videos? Natively or with third-party software.

Maybe with an app that would let you open a picture in an independent simple window, without borders, bars, menus, or buttons. Just with the image and another window to control it.

A professional solution is to insert your images in a powerpoint or similar presentation software. First start the presentation, then share the presentation in Zoom.

Hi @youtokyo4,

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