How to start meeting from server



My Application Scenario is like this:
1- Host is logged in (in zoom desktop or mobile application)

2- android client request a meeting from my web server

3- my server create meeting for host user by API and return its ID to android client

4- android client user join meeting by given meeting id

the problem is on step 3 when my server creating meeting, it get response from zoom that contain ‘start_url’ address for new meeting, and if client request to join meeting would see “meeting has ended by user”, if I open this URL manually client can join meeting without problem (host get notification to admit meeting and if admit meeting start).
the question is how to start_url by server?

Things I tried:
1- send GET request to start_url by my server and it will get a HTML file in response contains "Unsupported Operating System "

2- changing “approval_type” of meeting being created, but again get meeting by “approval_type=2” !!!

Attachment: creating meeting  parameters

data = {
 "topic": "test meeting",
 "type": 1,
 "start\_time": "",
 "duration": "",
 "timezone": "",
 "password": "",
 "agenda": "",
 "settings": {
 "host\_video": "false",
 "participant\_video": "false",
 "cn\_meeting": "false",
 "in\_meeting": "false",
 "join\_before\_host": "true",
 "mute\_upon\_entry": "false",
 "watermark": "false",
 "use\_pmi": "false",
 "approval\_type": 2,
 "registration\_type": "",
 "audio": "",
 "auto\_recording": "none",
 "enforce\_login": "false",
 "enforce\_login\_domains": "",
 "alternative\_hosts": ""


Hi Benyamin, 

There’s appear to be an issue with our start_url when it comes to attendees joining. We have a fix already in place and should be ready for the June release around the 16th.