how to trigger a webhook retry?


I’m using a webhook to get the cloud recordings after the meeting has ended. Is working correctly 90% of the time.

The webhook dcocumentation states the following

  1. Your endpoint must be reachable at ports 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS) (Zoom does not support other ports).

  2. Your endpoint must respond within 30 seconds.

  3. Your endpoint must respond with a 2XX status code (200, 204). Zoom does not follow redirects or consider them successful responses)

4. Zoom will try max to 3 times for one event. If all 3 times notification fail, this event will be discard.

1,2 and 3 works correctly most of the times. I’m usually responding with a 200 and everything is ok. But sometimes it fails. I think some kind of race condition.

Zoom is telling me. “hey, the cloud recording is completed, you can get the recordings now”. But when I do an API request to get the recordings, it fails with “There is no recording for this meeting”.

I need a way to tell Zoom. “Hey Zoom, I didn’t find any meeting yet, can you please retry the webhook? You told me you can retry up to 3 times man!”

I tried returning 400, 404, 500 http status, to no avail, the Zoom is not retrying webhook is simply not being triggered again! :frowning:






Hi Daniel,

There is no way to re-trigger the webhook.


My suggestion is on your side after you received a webhook to track the ones that you get a error on, and retry at a designated interval. Also, would be helpful to log the ones you get an error on, and we can dig into what the issue is.


Thank you Joshua, the documentation is misleading then.

But that’s what I needed to know. if the web hook doesn’t trigger again then I will have to manually retry it

No problem

The issue is within the RECORDING_MEETING_COMPLETED. This one AFAIK only happens when the CLOUD recordings of a meeting are available (I also get an email informing me of this).

Zoom is posting to my endpoint.

Then, on my side, as suggested I grab the meeting data using an API call. This works ok, but when I try to get the recordings from that meeting, sometimes (maybe just 2% of the time) the API return an error about “This meeting doesn’t have any recording”, but if I retry the API call, I can get the recordings.

My thought is some kind of race condition happening. 


Are you saying, that within 30 seconds you respond to the notification with something other than 200 and your not getting a notification again? (up to 2 more times)


That’s correct Joshua, I have responded with 404, 401, 500, and the webhook is not triggering again.


I have this same problem and question.

The doc referenced by the OP states: “Zoom will try max to 3 times for one event. If all 3 times notification fail, this event will be discard”.

I am not seeing that behavior. Is there a specific http status code I should respond with to get Zoom to repost to my endpoint?