Zoom not retrying Webhook after 400

I turned on a Zoom Webhook for my Server-to-Server OAuth app this morning to capture recording.completed events. Sometimes I return 400 when I find that the .vtt file is not yet available. In such a case I expect Zoom to retry the webhook in 5 minutes, per your documentation. However I find that the retry is not happening at all. Can you tell me why Zoom doesn’t retry my Webhook even after I return a 400?

HI @bruce.hansen ,

Just to confirm, the recording.completed event is working sometimes, but fails to send at all when the .vtt file is not available?

If so, please message me your client id, account id, and meeting id of the failed recording webhook so we can investigate further.


Not quite. The recording.completed event is always sending, but it does not RETRY when I return a 400 (which I do when I determine that the .vtt file is not available). My understanding is that Zoom will retry a webhook call 5 minutes later if the initial call does not receive a 200 or 204 response.

I will message you the info for investigation.

[Redacted] – follow up in direct message.

Hi @bruce.hansen ,

Where are you getting a 400? To your event notification endpoint URL?

I am returning a 400 from my event notification endpoint. The reason why I return a 400 is because I find that the .vtt file is not available. So I would like Zoom to retry in 5 minutes. At that point there’s a good chance that the .vtt file is available and I’ll be able to download it. But Zoom never retries for some reason.

Hi @bruce.hansen ,

Thank you for this info! Per this guidance, please open a support ticket with the meeting info, production client id, and screenshots of instances where your endpoint is returning a 400 so our support and service engineers can reset your webhook retry count.

Sounds good, how do I open a support ticket? The last time I tried to it told me that that process had been replaced by the community forums.

@bruce.hansen , https://devsupport.zoom.us/hc/en-us

Select “bug” for ticket type and you should be forwarded through! Let me know if it doesn’t work though.

Done, ticket ID is 16091608. Thanks for your help.

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Okay, I just got an update to my ticket telling me that they have “moved to the developer support forum”. My support ticket is now closed. This is getting a little frustrating for me as I continue to get the runaround. Who do I need to talk to in order to get someone to actually look at my problem?

Hi @bruce.hansen ,

I apologize for this. We are working this out internally as well. Seems as though some things are being flagged in a way that’s causing this behavior. Can you please confirm if you were logged in to the developer account when you submitted your ticket?

EDIT: Dev Support just confirmed that devs who create tickets from the support.zoom.us site without signing in will get bounced.

I’m pretty sure I was logged in when I created the ticket. The ticket still exists and its status is Open. Seems like it would be pretty straightforward for a dev to click on this link and see a detailed description of the problem: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/requests/16091608

Hi @bruce.hansen , thanks for sending this. I reached out to the internal team handling for further clarification.