How to use developer console in Zoom (internal) web client

we are developing a Zoom app based on an existing web application.
We are wondering if it is possible to use the developer console of the Zoom build in web client for debugging purposes. We are developing mainly on MacOS.

Unfortunately we could not find any hints about that in the documentation.
Thanx in advance for any help :slight_smile:

@mypelz See our guide on enabling developer docs. We’ll work to make that more visible!

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Hi Max,
thanx for your answer, but I indeed saw this content. The Problem is that I do not understand it. Where should I enter this: in my apps code? Should I execute it as Terminal command? Totally unclear for me…

I am refering to this:
On Mac :

defaults write ZoomChat true

Please shade some light on this :wink:

Yes this is in a command line on macOS. So you would use to set it.

defaults is a command on macOS that will change the user preferences. The user preferences for Zoom are stored in the file ~/Library/Preferences/ZoomChat.plist, which is a binary plist, so it needs a plist editor like Xcode to open it. Therefore it’s easier to use a command line to read and write to that plist. There is a key in the plist called which is a boolean value.

When you run this command, on your development computer then close Zoom and reopen it, (or just close the webview, so it might not work until you close Zoom) then when you right click on a webview you’ll be able to choose “Inspect Element” and open the WebKit dev tools.