Latest beta build

I’m having some trouble finding the latest beta build.

The latest I can find in the Zoom App Announcement channel is but this seems to have expired.

What features are you using in the beta that you can’t get from the production client?

I don’t see when we released that beta but it looks like it may have been last year. The Layers code from the Oct/November beta is already in the latest production client

Thanks for getting back to me.

I was under the impression - perhaps in correctly - that the developer tools would be accessible via the beta build. I’ve ran the terminal code on macOS several times with no success on the production release.

Good to know the latest production build might have all I need!

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The developer tools work on production too.

If you type in the terminal
defaults read ZoomChat
you can see all the preferences in “ZoomChat”.
At the end it should say "" = true;

If it doesn’t then the command you ran to enable dev tools should set it:
defaults write ZoomChat true

Before setting it you may need to quit the zoom app, for example from Zoom menu:

When zoom exits, it might write “ false” to the preferences you just changed. Which is why you might need to set it after quitting.

Also when you install a new Zoom client or update it will erase your preference.

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Super helpful! And I have it working!