Unable to view Developer Console

Zoom Apps Configuration

React App, developed on Mac, already ran the following command:
defaults write ZoomChat webview.context.menu true

Zoom Client Version:
5.13.11 (16405)
Update: Also tried updating Zoom client to Version: 5.14.2 (17213) but alas no change in behavior


I am testing changes to my app using Local Test in Zoom client ahead of publishing changes to marketplace.

Rather than seeing the developer console in the zoom client, such that I may inspect errors be, I am instead shown this screen every time indicating “Internet connection is unstable”:

Whats going on here? I have never had this issue before, have been using developer console to view error for a very long time. My internet connection is not unstable, this feels like a default error masking something else.

I would expect to be able to see the developer console and the errors in console.

Curious if anyone else has seen this while testing their app?

Okay… so I figured out the issue. There was a bad config in our App credentials. But… the fact that we couldn’t get to console to see the error felt like an unneeded obstacle and made finding this simple issue much slower.

I think the developer console should be available on that particular error screen, allowing devs to self-resolve more easily.

Windows Zoom client still allows Developer Console.
It is just the MacOS zoom client Apps webview that blocks Developer Console from loading when the “unstable internet connection” error is present.

I am unable to see the develop console on windows 11. Nothing happens when I right click in the app window. I do have:


in the ini file. Have not tried to use this before so could be something that I’m doing.

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