How to use Master Account APIs?

Recently, i would like to use the master API.

Zoom API Version 2 provides a set of Master Account APIs. These APIs allow a Master Account to manage Sub Accounts utilizing the Master Account’s API Key/Secret. Previously you would have to know the Sub Account’s API Key/Secret to mange it’s users and meetings. The endpoints mirror the standard Zoom API, pre-pended with /accounts/{accountID}

Where can I find the {{accountID}}?
How to pass the API Key and Secret? Header or anywhere?

Hi @ericchan,

You can get the account ID for a user using the retrieve a user API[1].

[1] -

Hi @michael_p.zoom,

I have some further questions

Account ID is fixed for created user?

When i use master API, how to pass API key and secret, should i use it to generate JWT token?


Hi @ericchan,

Yes the account id is fixed for created user. Yes, you can generate JWT token and use it with the Master API.