How to use raw data in Android

Hello, I would like to inform you that my English is not fluent, so I am using a translation tool to convey my message.

I am currently developing using the Zoom meeting SDK on Android, and I need to use raw data to adjust the resolution. However, when I connect to a meeting using sample code, the log shows “MobileRTCRawData_No_License”.
According to this link (Use raw data | Meeting SDK | And), I am advised to contact the support team. Is it possible to enable raw data usage?

Thank you for your assistance.

@eyes0nly ,

only raw live streaming requires a license, raw data access does not need a license.

For raw data access, you will need to make sure you are

  • in meeting
  • have either host, cohost or recording privilege
  • call for start raw recording method

you need to do the 3 things above before you can get the raw YUV420 frames.


Thank you for your response.
I will check it and ask again if necessary.

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