How to user who is not session host can Mute/UnMute other users?

I want integrate Android Zoom Video SDK in my game for video chat feature.

I read a docs Manage Audio and Video Options - Essential Guides - Android - Video SDKs - Zoom Software Development Kit (Zoom SDK) - Zoom Developer - Technical Documentation and Reference, session hosts can mute/unmute other user, but others can’t do this.

How can user who is not session host can Mute/UnMute other users?

Which Mobile Meeting SDK version?
Zoom Video SDK Android 1.1.1

Hi @kenjivn, thanks for the post.

By design, a regular user is only able to mute/unmute their own audio. This is because muting a user’s audio is session-wide, meaning that muting a user will result in them not being able to transmit audio to the entire session. If you would like a user to be able to perform this action, you would need to promote them to the manager role.


Thanks for your reply,
Sometimes user want mute other’s sound on user’s device to avoid disturbing.
Are there any ways to turn off other’s sound on user’s device only?

Hi @kenjivn,

If you want to prevent a user from receiving all audio during a session, you could do so by calling ZoomVideoSDKAudioHelper#stopAudio. The only caveat here is that you would also no longer be able to send audio. In theory, you could circumvent that limitation by sending raw audio data, but that could be a little difficult to manage switching between the two modes each time you want to mute/unmute other users as it would require state changes on both the sending and receiving ends.

Depending on the amount of control you are looking for over user audio, it could be worth considering moving all of your audio to raw data. This would allow you to receive each individual user’s audio stream separately, allowing you to control what you are able to hear on a per-user basis.


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Hi @jon.lieblich,
May be ZoomVideoSDKVirtualAudioSpeaker can help me solve my problem

That’s great to hear that this approach will fit your needs!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new topic with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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