How to validate a meetingId before joining?

I am using the latest zoom Android SDK. Do you know if there’s a way to check if the meetingId I am putting is valid or not before calling ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingService().joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, opts)? What’s happening is I am putting a random/invalid meetingId and zoom tries to join that and fails and falls back to onMeetingFail in
public void onMeetingFail(int errorCode, int internalErrorCode) {
mMeetingFailed = true;

Is there a way to check if the meetingId I am going to pass to joinMeetingWithParams is valid or not? If that meetingId exists or not?


Any update on this? Kind of blocked on an important use case?


Hi @jasmineakkal0316,

There is no SDK interface to check whether a meeting exists or not. You may use Zoom API to try to get a meeting. If it returns 404, then it means the meeting ID is invalid. (Note: It has rate limit so do not call this too frequent)


Hi Carson,

Thanks for writing this to me. Could you point me to any code reference where it is being used? I am not quite sure how I can call this from my android sdk.
Looking forward to your response.


Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for the reply. If you would like to use the Zoom API, it will be a regular HTTP request send to the Zoom RestFul API. It will be the same process as the way you are getting ZAK. You may either refer to the sample here to send an HTTP request in Android( or you may follow the instruction here to setup API call(

Hope this helps. Thanks!