This meeting id is not valid. please check and try again


Hello Support Team,

I have pro account and in order to start meeting i have followed the below steps

We have created user by following

  1. Initialized ZoomSDK with apiKey and apiSecret
  2. After Initialized successfully retrieved zoom token & zak by calling
  3. After retrieving token & zak successfully i am start meeting with StartMeetingParamsWithoutLogin and i am getting This meeting ID is not valid. Please check and try again Error

Also i gone through this link and i come to know that to start meeting i need to choose any of the method than i have followed the method i described.

Waiting for your reply.

I’m Using Version: 4.3.53571.0118

Can you describe the steps to start instant meeting…



Hi Jim,

Thank you for using Zoom SDK. Regarding your questions:

  1. “Initialized ZoomSDK with apiKey and apiSecret” – Please ensure that you pass SDK keys & secrets to the AppKey & AppSecret(in 0118)/ SDKKey & SDKSecret(in the latest version), passing API key and secret will let to error.
  2. After you successfully initialized the SDK, if you would like to use token & zak to start meeting, use your API key & secret (not SDK key) and follow the instruction in the documentation to retrieve your tokens.
  3. Once you have retrieved the tokens, you can use that tokens to start a meeting if and only if an existing meeting has been successfully scheduled by the user that is associated with the tokens. If the meeting is not being scheduled, you will see the “This meeting ID is not valid” error. If the meeting is not being scheduled by the user, the user will join the meeting instead of hosting the meeting.

Please refer to our demo app regarding the exact implementation of how to start a meeting using tokens.
Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!