Set Camera Zoom (Basic Duh!)

Zoom Android SDK doesn’t seem provide any way to touch the camera characteristics or apply special settings like zoom level, auto focus, exposure compensation, etc.

If Zoom SDK has ability to set camera parameters please let me know. Or else please let me know when we can expect some basic control over the camera. As you should know by now that people are not going to using this Android Client SDK only for cellphones. There are many devices that run Android and we can use it on any platform.

The SDK is pretty much USELESS without having advanced control over the Camera and Audio sources. This is a basic requirement.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use customized Meeting UI

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We are running Android 9.0 on Quectel sdm660 SOC with custom hardware.

Additional context
What a useless class zoom/sdk/CameraDevice.html

Hi @k007sam, thanks for using the developer forum.

We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the camera APIs available in our SDK and understand that it can be frustrating to find that your use case is not currently supported. However, please be mindful of our community guidelines when posting to the forum when voicing concerns so that we are able to keep conversations as civil and solution-oriented as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have set the SettingsHelper to use 720p, it should capture at the correct resolution

Can you please provide a code snippet showing how you are using this helper as well as device logs so that we may investigate this behavior?

Additionally, please see our support article on HD video to ensure that the requirements are being met within your meeting.

Lastly, if our SDK does not currently offer the level of granularity in audio/video control you are looking for, all hope is not yet lost! By providing us with additional information about your desired use case, we can investigate potentially adding functionality in future releases. (And as always, you are more than welcome to post over in #feature-requests as well).


Thanks for the prompt reply, @jon.lieblich.

OK I get it. About the 480p limitation, thanks for pointing out that HD is available only on the device.
Yes I can see how this is complicated. But it’s kind of frustrating on our end when this granularity is missing from a great video product! Our use cases need us to implement lot of different Video and Audio sources. We are obviously pulling apart the entire android trying get these specialized devices to work how we need them to.


  • Maybe at least provide some interface or method to control the zoom and other properties of the camera. That should solve this issue without have to provide the camera feed or device itself.
  • The settings helper for 720p setting should give a warning or something that the account doesn’t support it.

Hi @k007sam,

Thanks for the suggestions. We will investigate adding both of these in a future release. Be sure to keep an eye on our release notes to see if this has been added.


One more thing, Carson wrongly has stated in some answer that zoom makes use of Camera2 API - Zoom is using the regular Camera1 API. That really took us off the track. We wasted time (almost a week) trying to figure out how to access these parameters. Please make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

I have solved our initial setParameters problem by modifying the CameraService (overriding Camera2Client.setParameters) itself. We are able to zoom and pan as needed.

Hi @k007sam,

Apologies for the misleading information, we will be mindful of this in the future. I am happy to hear you were able to find a solution!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you run into any additional problems while using our SDK.


Jon please explain when the Android Client can support 720p for video. We purchased a Pro license and created meetings, but still the android client is using only 640x480. Even enabled it in code like so


Also enabled Group HD to true as well in Profile settings on website

What do we need to enable at least 720p

Hi @k007sam,

The support page I previously linked to has all of the information available regarding prerequisites for enabling 720p.

Another method you may find useful while debugging is the is720PEnabled method.


is720pEnabled() - prints true.

But still it doesn’t capture higher than 640x480.

I QCamera : <HAL><INFO> processCaptureRequest: 5469: STREAM INFO : type 11, wxh: 640 x 480, pp_mask: 0x100068e, Format:0 is_type: 0 sync_type 1