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I’m traying to integrate through CDN. I’m in the first steps of an integración.

The error in console is: error 403 - forbbiden.

error zoom

Yo can prove here:

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Hey @pablohueza,

Can you please share what documentation you are referencing for this?


Hi Tommy, thanks por answering (and sorry for my English, i am from Argentina (messi’s original country for reference!!) and it’s a lot since last time i writed in your lenguage);

The issue is at “FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE VIDEO SDK”, option WEB (Build an App);

In Option 2: Integrate width CDN.

There mention to integrate through the script that show the error.

I’m sending you an image width the option;

Have a good day and thank you!,


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Hey @pablohueza,

Thanks for clarifying! And that is great, we are big fútbol fans here at Zoom! :slight_smile:

Currently the Fully Customizable SDK is not released yet. You can sign up for it here:

In the meantime, you can use the Client Web SDK.


Ok, understood. I’ll sign it!!

I’m using the SDK yet,

Thanks Tommy for your kindness,

Have a great day!!


Glad Tommy could point you in the right direction! :slight_smile:

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