When will I get an answer for the Fully Customizable SDK?

I’ve filled out the contact form and submited ‘Start builing customizable video-based apps’ Several times yesterday,
and I haven’t received any reply…
What should i do?

  • download click →
    <Code AccessDenied</Code
    <Message Access Denied</Message
    <RequestId JYHE037PB5VGHVNV</RequestId

Hey @minpelle ,

To confirm, did you get an error when submitting? Can you please share a screenshot?


hi, tommy.

The submit was successful.
but I am getting an error in the download.

Hey @minpelle ,

Thanks for letting us know, we will look into this. I will get back to you with an update once it’s resolved.


Hey @minpelle ,

Can you please try again? This issue should be resolved now. :slight_smile:


hi @tommy
i’m having a same problem in the process of using web video SDK.
From what i saw from the document, there are two ways to build and app right?
First one is locally, and second one is by using CDN.
But when i try to install module @zoomus/instantsdk it shows ‘not found’ error.
and when i try to install sdk file, As you can see from the screenshot it shoes ‘permission denied’ message.
i’ve upgraded my account to pro to use web video SDK, but i don’t have a clue how to use web video SDK at building an app. Can you please help me??

this is a problem when i try to import module by using npm

hi, tommy!

Still I am facing the same issue.

Hey @minpelle , @woasidh1 ,

Apologies for the issues. We are working to update our Web Video SDK docs with the proper install flow. (Docs have since been updated).

In the meantime, to use the Web Video SDK, you need to create a Video SDK App type in our marketplace, and then you will see the download link.

NOTE: You will need a new, seperate Zoom account specifically for the Video SDK, click “Buy Now” here to sign up for one (free for under 10K meeting minutes a month)


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