I cannot make my verification domain Webflow & Bubble.io

Hi, we’re trying to verify our domain so we can publish our OAuth app.

My main website is on Webflow and my SaaS on Bubble.io, both i cannot add folder inside the root directory

I tried submitting a ticket but received a message that “We have moved to the Zoom Developer Forum. To ensure your inquiry is addressed, please navigate to our Developer Forum”.

Please let me know how we can go about verifying our domain.

Thank you,

Hello @elisa.zoom , do you have an idea for solving my problem ? Please :slight_smile:

Hi @Guiglt
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help!
I will send you a Direct Message to share more details with you!

same problem here. can you reach out?


Hi @Entitleitadmin
Are you still having this issue?

Yes, can you reach out?

For sure @Entitleitadmin
I have sent you a private message