I got error code 3070 in callback of PreMeetingServic.scheduleMeeting, when meeting time 2/3 hour greater than current time

if premeeting schedule time greater (5/10 min or time of next day) from current time then meeting schedule return meeting number, but if i try schedule meeting for 1 or 2 hour after current time then it gives error 3070

Hi @manjeetbrar91,

Thanks for the post. We have tested this feature in our demo app and we are not able to experience the issue you are mentioning. The error code 3070 means the scheduled meeting time is earlier than the current time. Did you configure the timezone using https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-android/us/zoom/sdk/MeetingItem.html#setTimeZoneId-java.lang.String-? Could you verify and see if the start time you have provided to the interface is already passed in the configured timezone?


for old sdk version same code working perfectibility the issue occurs after Android SDK has been updated to 5.0.24433.0616,

I just tested the premeeting feature in our demo app and I did not encounter the issue you are mentioning. Could you have a try with the latest demo app and see if the issue is reproducible?