I have an app. It is not auto-popping up zoom meetings

I do not know anything about creating an app or coding. However, I am paying a company for an app they built. They told me my problem is not easily fixable and a fix is “in the queue.” I wanted to ask zoom how hard it is to fix.

Within the app, I have a scheduler. Once you book a meeting, you can press “join livestream.” In other apps, zoom automatically pops up. In this app it doesn’t. It go to the page shown in the attached picture (attaching a picture does not work. But we have all seen the page I’m talking about. It’s the page that zoom has that pops up when a meeting does not launch correctly. Here is the direct wording:

“Zoom may not be supported on your browser

Copy the link below and paste it in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera

Error - Zoom… Copy Link

or try tapping Launch Meeting”)

When you click “launch meeting,” nothing happens. You can only click copy link and have to paste it into a browser. Obviously this is not ideal when running a business. Any help with this?

Hi @jacobsiwicki21
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Do you happen to know if your application is published in the Marketplace so I can take a look into this issue? Or is this an internal app that you use for internal purposes?

Hmmm. Idk! Ha. Siwicki Fitness is the app. Is there a way to look that up? If not, I will ask the developers.

Also, thank you for responding!

Oh and it was created by Bsport. They are the developers

Hi @jacobsiwicki21
It looks like the app Siwicki Fitness is a private app and it is not published in the Zoom Marketplace.
Could you please provide more details about this issue, I don’t quite understand what you are trying to say.
Or could you ask the developer of the app to share more details here with me?


Is there a place I can upload a video? Zoom just doesn’t automatically pop up from the app

I will send you a private message @jacobsiwicki21