I need a solution for creating Scheduled Meetings

We are programming an app for iOS, we already verify documentation and we need create scheduled meetings but the way we need is creat meetings programmatically without intervention of user, already know how obtain code for authorization with oauth2, but we need to introduce account credentials (email and password), get the code and then we can get the access token and then create the scheduled meeting, we can, but the problem are the account credentials, we need make that process programmatically, what is our best solution for getting access token. Thanks.

Hi @hectorcastillomendoz, thanks for the post.

Since it sounds like you are already utilizing the REST API and have implemented the OAuth flow, you may be better off using the REST API from within your app. If you would like to pursue that route, please see our API docs and the #api-and-webhooks category of the forum.

There is currently no way to obtain a ZAK token through the SDKs. This must be done through the REST API.



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