I NEED Account id for restricted access

Over this last weekend, Computing Services worked with Zoom engineers to enable additional security for students accessing Zoom meetings with district Chromebooks. Beginning Sunday night (3/14), students are only able to access Zoom meetings hosted by LPS staff or authorized 3rd parties. It’s possible the domain the student is trying to connect to isn’t one of those authorized 3rd parties. In order to allow the meetings for students from their Chromebooks, we will need information from the meeting host. We will need the account ID as described here Configuring Zoom on Chrome OS – Zoom Help Center in the section about configuring “SetAccountIDsRestrictedToJoin”. This ID is shared for all accounts owned by a particular organization, and must be requested from Zoom support by an administrator of their Zoom account.

How do I get this ID???

Hi @morningstar,

Since this forum is dedicated to our APIs and Webhooks, please reach out to our Technical Support team here regarding how to access account IDs/chromebooks. They are the experts in this domain and will be best suited to assist you with this.


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