Master Sub Account Restriction to API

Recently, I had a Master Sub Account and ran into 2 major restrictions which were both confirmed by the Zoom tech support team:

  • Master Sub Accounts do not have their own account id numbers
  • Master Sub Accounts do not have the privileges/access to the Zoom API

And there is no way for the Master account owner to issue a sub-account with either item.

I also confirmed with Zoom Support that there is zero mention of these 2 limitations/restrictions in any Zoom documentation.

Therefore, I had to cancel my Master Sub Account and change it to a personal account (which cost $1007/yr more than the sub-account) to be able to get access to the API and account id numbers which are needed for a project we are building that leverages the API.

Please let me know if there was any way to get around these restrictions and as a suggestion, these restrictions should be added to the Master Account documentation to help others going forward.

Hey @crzyg8r ,

Thank you for reaching out. Regarding your two questions are you referring to an account structure where you have 1 overarching Master accounts and under that account you have a secondary master account?

Let us know!

Hi Ron,
Using the terminology in Zoom Documentation, I had a sub-user account that was part of a Master account. And Master Sub Accounts do not have their own account id numbers and are restricted from being able to use the Zoom API. As I mentioned, this is not detailed anywhere in Zoom documentation and if a Master Sub Account tries to connect to the API the error message gives zero detail of the restriction.

So my suggestion is to add the ability for Master Sub Accounts to have ids and access to the API and to add more detail to the documentation that these restrictions exist.