I need to restrict number of meeting registrants using meeting API

Hi, I need to set “registrants_restrict_number” when I create or update a meeting using meeting API.
Webinar API has this feature, but meeting API does not have this.
This is possible manually for meeting on Zoom web portal, but I need to do this in an automated way.
Is it possible to implement “registrants_restrict_number” in the meeting API?

This request is related to the following discussion, where the answer is that this feature is not available at this moment. That is why I am requesting this new feature here.
How restrict the number of registrants through API Zoom?


@smcTokyo Hope you will be fine.

:point_down: There is no any API or option available in the payload to change that using REST API.

You can only change that settings from the portal only. You need to submit feature request for that.