I want to build an app where i want to list all zoom meeting instances of particular user similar to integrating Google Calendar

I want to build an conferencing app where I want to fetch meeting from Google Calendar / Office365 / WebEx and Zoom. I integrated Google Calendar and fetching meeting instances from Google Calendar but I don’t know where to start from to fetch meeting instances from Zoom.

Do I need to create OAuth app and how to get meeting instances in sync with zoom.

Hi, @dnreddy890,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum-- happy to help. Yes, it is possible to fetch meeting instances from Zoom with our List meeting API. In order to access users meeting information, you will have to create OAuth app in Zoom Marketplace. When a user “installs” your app, they are actually just giving your app permission to make requests on their behalf. Here’s our help documentation on that subject:

To track meeting instance creations, you can leverage our Meeting Created Webhook. The Meeting Created event is triggered every time a meeting is created by one of your app users or account users. For your reference, I’ve linked our help documentation below:

Please let me know if this answers your questions.


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