I want to get audio data from the meeting,But I can't make it happen

I want to get audio data from the meeting,but the “onMobileRTCMixedAudioRawData” can not work!
How can I do to achieve that I want?

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?

**Smartphone **

  • Device: [ iPhone 12]
  • OS: [ iOS 15]

Hi @1342374713, thanks for using the dev forum.

Currently this functionality is only available through a raw data license, which is not publicly available. We do have plans to open up access to raw data to the mobile Meeting SDKs in the future, but right now you can only access it through the desktop SDKs by using the raw recording feature.

Depending on your needs, the Video SDK may be useful since that offers raw data to all developers out of the box. More information comparing the two SDKs can be found here.


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